Thursday, February 6, 2014

2014 Congressional Election

Yes We Can ~ Improve Our Government
  1. Take the Profit out of War-Profiteering ~ Give Peace a Chance
  2. Defund Domestic Spying ~ Let’s spend our tax-dollars wisely
  3. Prevent Wall Street Financial Schemes ~ dramatically grow our economy
     instead of bubble/bust schemes
  4. Legalize Whistleblowing of Government Crimes
  5. Equality Nationwide
    1. End the War on Women
    2. Healthcare for All
    3. 1994 Employment Non-Discrimination Act
    4. Recognize LGBT marriages nationwide.
  6. Fund Rehabilitation & Mental Health Services ~ reducing futile/costly Incarceration
  7. Save Social Security, Save Medicare fm Republican Pilfering & Pocketizing.
  8. Cut the Red-Tape slowing Green Energy Transition; Strong Green Action
    1. $2.1 billion for San Francisco Wind Turbines
    2. Clean-up our Toxic Waste
    3. GMO Labeling
    4. Wind & Solar the Keystone, halt further pipelines
  9. Support Labor, Investors & Pensioners together vs. "Fraud & Corruption"
  10. Require 100% public access to all lobbyist requests of congress via the internet.

You can help support this Legislative agenda:
·         Forward this email to your friends & family
·         Donations to  David Peterson for Congress
o   Mail:    268 Bush Street, Suite 2712
            San Francisco, CA 94104-3503
·         Share your support for this campaign via social media:
·         Volunteers are welcome to join this campaign.

Q: How does congress support WarProfiteers?
A:By demonizing international people and campaigning for new wars.
5 Days Championing congressional colleagues to support a new war:

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