Friday, September 27, 2013

Who is working to Prevent Wall Street Financial Schemes?

Who is working to Prevent Wall Street Financial Schemes?
The answer is very few!
  • Attorney General Kamala Harris
  • Senator Elizabeth Warren
  • Congressional Candidate David Peterson
These few are working hard to bring accountability to Wall Street!!!

Make a difference, Contribute to these rare campaigns:  Prevent Wall Street Financial Schemes 

America needs Representation in congress that remembers the Junk Bond schemes of Wall Street designed to eliminate the only fair competition in the market place, "our State, Regional and neighborhood Savings & Loans.
We need Representation in Washington that understands the basics of the Longview Derivatives Wall Street Financial Scheme - 'they ripped us off.'
We must prevent Predatory Lending Schemes from Wall Street.
We must prevent the sale of Fraudulent bundle securities to America and the International financial markets.
We need Representation in Congress that will separate & protect our Pension Funds, Home Mortgages, 401K investments from the Wall Street Banksters whose goal to to take our hard earned money for themselves.

Phil Angelides Chairman of the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission claims "There is no way to organize a movement around the problem of crooked banks."
in his presentation at Netroots Nation 2013 in San Jose California
We must disprove that theory, by taking action, organizing behind candidates and incumbents who will lead us to solutions.
The Absents of Prosecutions for recent Wall Street Financial Schemes is because we have too few elected official like California Attorney General Kamala Harris who is willing to stand up to these crooks.
We need more congress members and candidates to support Senator Elizabeth Warren efforts to Prevent the Wall Street Financial Schemes.
David Peterson
is a rare candidate for congress willing to bring 'Holding Wall Street Accountable' into his campaign platform.
The Media works hard to hide the truth from American Citizens
Only one journalist covers the Wall Street Financial Scheme's truthfully, Matt Taibbi The Occupy movement is the only group that recognizes we've ALL been ripped off, However they don't Vote.
What is your Local Democratic, Republican, Green, Libertarian, Peace & Freedom doing about this issue? Please send a small contribution to help build a coalition.

Make a difference, Contribute to these rare campaigns:
Prevent Wall Street Financial Schemes

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