Thursday, March 3, 2011

The United States Institute of Peace on the chopping block

H.R. 1  John Boehner's new budget  -> he's taking all 42,676,000 from the Organization shutting them down.
The USIP is a think tank with research papers and training for international conflict resolution.
The annual expenses 43 million and the @3.4 Billion for the Airborne Laser (ABL), could be better spent on a the cabinette level Department or Peace & NonViolence.
The United States needs Peace building skills at the highest levels of the Executive branch.  If we don't have the skills to avoid the next War, we are doomed to repeat it.

You might expect a Peace think tank to be right out in front of the media countering every War Mongering Idea propagated from the Heritage Foundation and AEI.  But no, they kept a much lower profile, working quietly in the background to help where they could (if invited)

When you look at the work of the USIP, it's not surprising that the Crony's in Congress  saw the need to eliminate the program.  The $42 Million was nothing, it was the $125 million they had to spend to embed War Hawk in every project and program the USIP engaged.
Just look at eh list of Hawks taken from the USIP web site.  They should not have been surprised

How We Work

The Institute achieves its goals by empowering others.

Photo from "How We Work" section of "About USIP" brochure. (Photo: U.S. Institute of Peace)The Institute achieves its goals by empowering others with training and knowledge. We educate, inform, innovate and collaborate with partner organizations. We generate policy options and approaches that convene experts and support policymakers in the United States and abroad.
We use our convening power to bring together stakeholders to craft independent, bipartisan, and practical solutions. Efforts include:

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