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Marcy Winograd 2010 campaign well worth saving


Passion for Change
Marcy Winograd is the co-founder of the Los Angeles chapter of Progressive Democrats of America. In her 2010 bid to unseat Jane Harman in the 36th congressional district, Winograd wants to put 10,000,000 Americans back to work repairing our country’s infrastructure, building rapid transit, and developing alternative energy to make America more secure. She pledges to lead the congressional Progressive Caucus to cut billions in government waste in Iraq and Afghanistan and commit taxpayer money to jobs, healthcare, and education.
History in the District
In 2006, Winograd’s grassroots campaign mobilized almost 40% of the primary vote in less than three months of campaigning to unseat Harman. Gore Vidal, Dolores Huerta, Daniel Ellsberg, Susan Sarandon, Barbara Streisand, Ron Kovic and local Democratic clubs all supported Winograd’s platform that called for an end to the war in Iraq and protection of constitutional rights. “Bombing and occupying Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan will only destabilize the region and undermine global security,” says Winograd. “We need to find another way to solve our problems. I will be proud to serve our country as we engage the world community in smart diplomatic solutions.”
Winograd’s passion for peace emerged during her high school and college days, when she participated in moratoriums against the Vietnam War and joined Daniel Ellsberg and the Pentagon Papers legal defense team.
Democratic Party Involvement
Winograd volunteered on the Obama campaign, hitting the radio airwaves to promote his platform for change and phoning Florida and Pennsylvania to get out the vote in swing states.
She served as an Executive Board member of the California Democratic Party, successfully introducing resolutions to protect our vote, bring our troops home, and implement parole and sentencing reform. Winograd helped organize a Progressive Caucus within the California Democratic Party to lobby for an end to the occupation of Iraq, abolition of torture, and establishment of universal single-payer health care. The Los Angeles County Democratic Party honored Winograd as “Democrat of the Year.”
Community Leadership
In her role as community leader, Winograd testified at Sacramento legislative hearings to protect our vote from electronic manipulation and launched petition drives to support California Secretary of State Bowen’s efforts to ban hackable Diebold touchscreen machines from the voting booth.
Additionally, Winograd testified in Los Angeles at Federal Communications Commission hearings aimed at saving our free press from corporate take-overs. She testified at other federal hearings to safeguard our coastline from construction of a potentially dangerous liquefied natural gas terminal.
As a teacher and environmentalist, Winograd traveled to Mississippi to build awareness about the spraying of dangerous pesticides near schools and health clinics.
Courageous Leadership
A Co-Founder of LA Jews for Peace, Winograd has been a guest speaker at conferences promoting peaceful coexistence and equal rights for Palestinians and Israelis living together in the Middle East. She has bravely spoken out against violence in all forms, whether it be Israeli demolitions of Palestinian homes or Palestinian rocket attacks on southern Israel. Winograd supports an end to the lethal blockade of Gaza, as well as the removal of Israeli settlements from the West Bank and East Jerusalem.
Media Outreach
A promoter of The Great Mind Series, televised forums featuring authors such as Gore Vidal, Dennis Kucinich, and John Dean, Winograd has been featured on CNN interviewing visionary thinkers. Previously, Winograd served as News Director at Pacifica’s KPFK in Los Angeles and National Public Radio’s KPCS in Pasadena. Early in her news career, Winograd won three Golden Mikes, the industry’s top honor, for outstanding news writing and broadcasting. Currently, her columns appear on the Huffington Post.
Labor Background
A graduate of the University of California, Winograd volunteered in Delano for the United Farm Workers union following graduation. Under the direction of Cesar Chavez, Winograd
organized grape workers seeking representation and relief from unsafe working conditions. During one organizing drive, she was driven off the road by a company supervisor. More recently, Winograd has lobbied LAUSD school board members to halt teacher lay-offs and use federal stimulus money for its intended purpose – to keep teachers at hard-to-staff schools.
Leadership in Education
A National Board Certified teacher, Winograd teaches at Crenshaw High School in South Los Angeles, where she hosts literary cafes for young poets and collaborates with teachers to promote college culture.
Winograd was a featured speaker in Beijing at a US-China education conference focused on student empowerment and curriculum engagement. “We must make education a national priority,” says Winograd, “otherwise we betray our children and fall further behind.”
Family Life
A resident of the Marina del Rey-Venice area, Winograd is married to Ira “Buddy” Gottlieb, a union-side labor lawyer representing workers in the arts, news, education, and transportation. Her daughter Gina Gardner is a photographer. An animal lover, Winograd has raised several rescue cats and dogs.
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Winograd for Congress 2010
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Winograd Weekend Cost of Wars Tour

May 12th, 2010

(Marina del Rey) Congressional Candidate Marcy Winograd (CA-36/Harman) will conduct a Cost of Wars Tour this Saturday, May 15th, as she listens to voters’ concerns, rallies support among volunteers and visits with campaign precinct walkers from West Los Angeles to San Pedro. Joining Winograd to talk about the cost of wars and veterans’ issues will be Rick Reyes, former United States Marine serving in Iraq, now Latino Outreach Director for Winograd for Congress. The tour precedes a congressional vote on a 33-billion dollar supplemental war appropriation to continue the occupation of Iraq and escalate the troop level in Afghanistan.
Says Winograd, “My opponent Jane Harman has consistently voted for war and occupation, even defying a majority of House Democrats to take us to war in Iraq. Despite her rhetoric, she continues to fund the escalation in Afghanistan where there is no military solution. I urge all members of Congress to vote NO on the new supplemental war appropriation.”
Winograd notes that according to the non-profit organization the National Priorities Project (NPP), the Iraq and Afghanistan wars have cost the 36th congressional district $2.7 billion dollars since 2001. The NPP states that the same amount of money could have provided the district with 300-thousand college scholarships to prepare youth for future jobs, or current jobs for 37-thousand music teachers or 47-thousand police officers — or 8-thousand affordable housing units or health care for a year for all district residents.
Says Winograd, “It’s not right for our district residents to go without jobs, health care, education, or housing while our government squanders billions on perpetual wars, multiplying our enemies and creating greater instability in the middle east. My Cost of Wars Tour is an opportunity to hear what district residents think about U.S. foreign policy and to issue a call to action to oppose the upcoming supplemental war appropriation and work for diplomatic solutions instead.”
Below are the stops planned for the Saturday tour:
9:00 am
“Bake Back the Democratic Party to End Perpetual Wars” Bake and Yard Sale
Tabling for Marcy
3532 Grand View Blvd. Mar Vista 90066
9:30 am
“Bake Back the Democratic Party to End Perpetual Wars” Bake Sale
Bake Sale at 733 Palms Bl. Venice 90291.
12:00 pm
Car Wash for Marcy to Clean Up the House
2222 Lomita Boulevard, Lomita, CA, 90717
12:45 pm
Food for Thought – Organic Farming Jobs for Veterans
Torrance Farmers’ Market
1:00 pm
“Bake Back the Democratic Party to End Perpetual Wars” Bake and Yard Sale,
Tabling for Marcy
1078 West 37th Street 90731 – Rachel Brunke
2:00 – 4:00 pm
Meet and Greet at the Home of Dr. Fred and Audrey Kennedy
1174 Sandwood Place., San Pedro 90731
7:30 – 9:00 pm
Rumor Mill Café Live Blogging Event with Marcy Winogad and Zack Kaldveer
“The Cost of War in the 36th District – Why Marcy Winograd MUST WIN”
11739 W. Washington Bl. 90066
$10 covers the food costs.
Only 50 Seats Available.

3 Responses to “Winograd Weekend Cost of Wars Tour”

  1. Joseph Ramirez says:
    Wilmington has been neglected for years from the local, state and federal levels. We are a hard working, proudful community and heavily Mexican/Chicano. We are vitally important to the fabric of this nation and district. I hope in recent weeks leading up to election time there can be a strong push from the Winograd campaign in Wilmington. Wilmington residents do not vote in large numbers because we are always being neglected and ignored. Show you care about the needs of our community and we will be your biggest supporter.
  • Crowd Packs Winograd’s Headquarters’ Opening

    March 15th, 2010

    (Marina del Rey) On Sunday, 3/14/10, over a hundred supporters packed the grand opening of the new Winograd for Congress headquarters, located in the Villa Marina Marketplace, 13432 Maxella Ave., just a few miles from opponent Jane Harman’s backyard. Congressional candidate Marcy Winograd (CA-36) told the crowd, “We stand at the crossroads of the past and the future. In the past we squandered our resources on permanent war and Wall Street bail outs. Our future holds great promise, however, if we transition from a war economy to a new Green economy, and if we put the needs of the people before the greed of Wall Street.”
    Marcy Winograd with crowd - fr further back
    Volunteers signed up to walk neighborhoods and phone voters from West Los Angeles to San Pedro. Musicians Tom English and Larry Dilg sang a tribute to Marcy, exhorting the crowd to, “Flex your vote.” Campaign manager Michael Jay told the crowd the work they do in the new headquarters will be the most effective way to achieve true representation in Washington.
    Events coordinator Sheri Myers encouraged volunteers to hold house parties and organize fundraisers. “We’re going up against one of the richest members of Congress and we all need to contribute,” said Myers.
    Volunteer coordinator Robbie Quan, a former Obama for President field organizer in Nevada, said, “What is at stake in this election is much bigger than this room, but everything we need to change things is right here. Together, our grassroots power can take down Harman’s corporate machine.”


    issu_pic1Many Americans believe that 2010 will be the most important election of their lifetimes because there could be a dramatic shift in the balance of power. For each major issue identified, we have listed both the words and actions that Marcy Winograd has made as part of her election platform.
    Economy, Labor and Environment
    We need a Green New Deal: federal investment in public and private sector jobs, similar to the Works Progress Administration under the New Deal: massive federal stimulus in energy retrofits, infrastructure repair, solar and wind power.
    Impose a fee on Wall Street for bank bonuses, stock trades, and lobbying. Use the money for job creation and federally-backed low-interest loans to small businesses.
    Pass the Employee Free Choice Act with card check to uphold the right to organize a union.
    Repeal so-called free trade agreements that outsource jobs and erode labor and environmental standards.
    End the lock-out of 600 workers at Rio Tinto mine in Boron, California.

    Focus on environmental justice involving communities of color and working class areas.
    Ensure greater federal oversight of state environmental laws governing air, land, and water pollution.
    Local Environmental Issues
    Ban new offshore and onshore oil drilling.
    Demand the FAA re-impose the jet ban at Santa Monica Airport.
    Protect Marina del Rey & Playa Vista from over-development.
    Speed up the clean-up at Harbor/Gateway/Torrance Superfund sites.
    Work to relocate dangerous propane and butane tanks stored near residential neighborhoods in San Pedro.
    Ensure oil companies in Wilmington/Carson/San Pedro are in compliance with environmental regulations.
    Encourage federal contracts for aerospace to develop new energy and mass transit.
    Foreign Policy

    Iraq, Afghanistan
    Bring our troops home from Iraq and Afghanistan.
    End the occupations and air wars in the Middle East.
    Invest in humanitarian aid and use diplomatic channels, working with regional stakeholders, to maintain peace and security.
    Promote equality and human rights for all in the Middle East.
    Prosecute war crimes involving civilians in Gaza and southern Israel.
    End the Israeli blockade of Gaza.
    Remove Israeli settlements.
    Support a two-state or one state solution approved by both sides of the conflict.
    Pass a resolution to recognize Armenian genocide.
    Promote trade and commerce between Armenia and the United States.
    Use our diplomatic power to end the blockades of Armenia.
    Health Care
    Enact a single-payer system that is publicly funded, yet privately delivered, an expanded Medicare program, where everyone is in and no one is out.
    Protect the right of states to enact single-payer.
    Demand a public option or Medicare Buy-In in any federal legislation.
    End big drug company monopolies on exorbitant medication for cancer and other diseases; make medication affordable.
    Freeze foreclosures for an interim period.
    Create a Loan Officer Corps jobs program, employing loan brokers to work with banks and homeowners to modify loans.
    Empower bankruptcy court judges to order bank modifications of home loans.
    Do our best to keep Americans in their homes.
    Require banks to give foreclosed homeowners the first right to rent their homes.
    Require banks maintain foreclosed properties so that neighborhoods do not suffer blight.
    Constitutional Rights
    Reverse all Bush administration violations of constitutional rights.
    Prohibit torture, extraordinary rendition, and preventative detention.
    Protect and defend the Bill of Rights.
    Repeal the test-driven No Child Left Behind to invest in resources in reading and writing in early grades, small learning communities in high school, and drop-out prevention.
    Lower class size.

    Invest in higher education and offer college students direct federally-backed loans with affordable interest rates.
    Women’s Rights
    Protect a women’s right to choose. Require equal pay for equal worth.
    Immigration Reform
    Support comprehensive immigration reform; offer an estimated 12-million undocumented workers a path to earned citizenship.
    Pass the Dream Act to grant citizenship to college graduates.
    Gay Rights
    Repeal “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.”
    Support marriage equality.
    Fair Elections
    Tax lobbyists to publicly finance elections, encouraging candidates to seek matching funds for small donations. Discourage the corporate financing of elections.
    Election Protection
    Ban touch screen voting machines. Ensure the paper ballot is the ballot of record.
    Require random paper ballot precinct counts.
    Media Diversification

    • Thank You

      Dear Friends & Supporters,
      Thank you for everything – for your generous donations, for your nationwide phone banking, for your tireless precinct walking in our district. We are building a movement – and change will come.
      Though I am disappointed with the results of last night’s election – [...]
      Read More

    • PDA Helps Marcy in Final Stretch

      Tim Carpenter, Director of Progressive Democrats of America, walks past PDA’s California state leader Dr. Bill Honigman during the final hours of election day phone banking at Winograd headquarters.
      Read More

    • Winograd for Congress Prepares for Primary Election

      (Marina del Rey) Over 300 Winograd for Congress volunteers are phone banking and walking door to door in the 36th congressional district to get out the vote for the Tuesday, June 8th Democratic Party primary. Hundreds of volunteers have turned out to help with the effort, both at the Marina del Rey headquarters and at [...]
      Read More

    More Breaking News

    Our District

    June 5th, 2010

    My 10 year old daughter Zoe came into the office on Monday and said that she wanted to call people to tell them about Marcy.  Zoe made 60 calls all by herself! Can you make as many calls as Zoe?

    It’s crunch time folks!  With one four days until election day, we need everyone, and I mean everyone, to step up to the plate and make some calls.  Our call totals have been steadily increasing each week and we need to put all our efforts into pushing Marcy over the top during this final stretch.
    Have you made some calls this week?  If not, what are you waiting for? If not now, when?
    - Bill Lackemacher
    Field Director
    Winograd for Congress
    Read More
    Daniel Ellsberg, Former Military Analyst/Pentagon Papers
    Ed Asner, Actor

    Gore Vidal, Author
    Ron Kovic, Vietnam Veteran, Author, Born on the Fourth of July
    Jodie Evans, Co-Founder, Code Pink
    Norman Solomon, Progressive Democrats of America
    Dolores Huerta, Co-founder United Farm Workers of America

    Ed Begley, Jr., Environmental Activist
    Lila Garrett, Host of KPFK’s Connect the Dots
    David Swanson, After Downing Street
    Ray McGovern, Peace Activist, Retired CIA Analyst
    Jim Hightower, National Radio Commentator
    Bill Monning, Assemblyman; Global Majority; Chair, CA Assembly Labor & Employment Committee
    Jim Beall, Assemblyman; Chair, Human Services Committee

    Organizational Endorsements
    DFA / Democracy for America
    International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers, AFL-CIO

    United Teachers of Los Angeles (UTLA)
    ILWU District Council

    Mexican American Bar Association (MABA)
    PDA / Progressive Democrats of America
    Peace Action
    Peace Action West
    American Hellenic Council
    Progressive Push

    Citizens for Global Solutions
    Americans for Democratic Action, Southern California Chapter
    Armenian National Committee
    Torrance Democratic Club
    Gardena Valley Democratic Club
    San Pedro Democratic Club
    Progressive Democratic Club, Harbor Area
    Santa Clarita Valley Democratic Club
    Mira Costa High School Young Democrats (Manhattan Beach)


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