Monday, October 4, 2010

Kristina Lawson is a pro-growth fanatic and she’s going to make millions building out Walnut Creek.
50 million+ new aquatic center at Heather farms, cause she’s jealous of her neighbors going to a water park in San Ramon. I guess the closer one in Concord is not upscale enough for her kids to consider at all. Ooh and her mom was an Aquanauts, so it’s a great idea, it helps make our town Walnut Creek famous.

She flush with ideas for a Walnut Creek Bart Transit village the coup de grâce she has plans for, she just visited the Pleasant Hill Bart Transit village grand opening fascinated with the many ideas they have for noise mitigation. My wife has already notice that traffic around the Pleasant Hill apartment complex has slowed to a crawl, before any resident moves in. Obviously a street signal-light adjustment to prepare the current traffic. Kristina is so excited about the innovative ways they are planning to run the many buses into the development from different directions.
So funny, one Walnut Creek resident asked: “What can you do to free up traffic on Ygnacio Valley Blvd. so we can get to Downtown Walnut Creek and the Freeway. Dude you just missed what she said! Once she complete the Walnut Creek Transit Village you won’t be able to get to the freeway at all

She’s going to build a ten story structure at Geary and North main at the old Co-op eye-sore, they’ve been holding out for an exemption to the height limit before breaking ground.

She moving the Car-dealer renovation project at North Main and the Bart over-cross, which is nice. Hopefully, they will save room for a tree or two.

Kristina Lawson is aware that retail landlords are holding store-fronts in Walnut Creek vacant on purpose to offset Federal tax liabilities and keep rents higher. Wow, Kristina should challenge them to rent the space and allow our local economy to recover.

Kristina Lawson wants to make Walnut Creek into Gotham City - 'world class' my ass

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