Friday, April 30, 2010

Room for Improvement at MoveOn

As one of America's largest non-Party Political Action Groups, MoveOn has grown rapidly in the last decade.  By their own estimates they have 5 million members and annual contributions of 32 Million

MoveOn claims to support progressive agenda against corporate manipulation of our legislature, yet in 2009 MoveOn lead the charge to support a Cap & Trade Bill that benefited the Oil and Coal industries.  Ok, you could forgive them and argue that they never had a chance to read the secret promised Bill. However, there is no excuse for MoveOn to not be actively denouncing the Bill today to be sure others are not deceived into supporting it.

Candidate Support
MoveOn says they supports progressive candidates that "Members like":
Actually, the entire operation of Candidate Support is kept secret from Members and Donors
In April of 2010 MoveOn displayed a link from this page
says "View Candidates"   However the link actually goes to:   
Just another opportunity for you to give more money to the cause, which Members & Donors do not get to see.
MoveOn should share with Members and donors a presentation of exactly what they do with the millions they are sent each year.  If you want to stick to the short staff claim then at a minimum provide Members & Donors with a link to this report at the FEC

Unclear Campaigns
MoveOn does not document their events by YEAR very well.

For example you can stumble across this page in April of 2010 and think that is was all about the 2008 election.  But in the video clip Bruce Springstein talks about Kerry & Edwards... which would make it 2004.

How can this be?  Has the Vote for Change Musicians effort done nothing for 6 years?

The Best place to see what MoveOn is working on is at another organizations web site
Here you can see MoveOn has channeled millions of dollars to congressional campaigns across the nation, all without the review of their membership base.

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