Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Accountable Congress Campaign Committee

This announcement is to launch a new Political Action committee (PAC)
"Accountable Congress Campaign Committee"

Accountable Congress Campaign Committee

We are a Political Action Committee raising contributions to support select congressional challengers who have demonstrated an ability to capture ‘in-district, ‘tipping-point’ voter support for their policies over the incumbent.

We support campaign challengers who promise to replace the most corrupt and or deceitful legislators.
We support campaign challengers who promise to SPONSOR and CHAMPION good Legislation in congress. We do not support candidates who dribble the usual party-line “positions on issues”. We want action and we will only support action.
We support campaign challengers who use the tools of Accountable Government for Tax Payers to review the Legislation their Congress member sponsors on their behalf. For Example: and

We do not support Leech campaigns – designed to capture political contributor dollars and place the money in their pockets, for example the 2006 and 2008 Dana Walsh campaigns to acquire Anti-Nancy Pelosi dollars nation-wide. The Candidate must not be just a ‘face’ and ‘marketing tool’ for gathering campaign contributions. The Candidate must be viable professional with a LEGISLATIVE AGENDA, that they will Sponsor and Champion in Congress, if elected.

Our Long term objective is to transition voters away from dependence on Campaign fliers that arrive in the mail and move them to reviewing the actual Legislation that their congress members Sponsor and Champion in Washington D.C.
We support the Open Government & Transparency Initiative, because the truth is a better source of information than the spin.

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