Thursday, April 1, 2010

More photo's of the Suzuki Crosscage

Tuvie's article states they are ready for production.
We can only hope!

Suzuki Crosscage Concept Motorcycle with Hydrogen Powered

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Suzuki has announced its hydrogen motorcycle concept at Tokyo Motor Show last November, and the good news is they are ready to put this unconventional motorcycle into production. Thecrosscage concept motorcycle is a fuel-cell motorcycle in which a simple, compact, lightweight air-cooled fuel-cell system and a high-performance secondary battery are brought together in a way that realizes optimal power control. A fuel-cell unit from British specialist company Intelligent Energy delivers quick activation with low fuel consumption, and a lithium-ion battery combines safety with a low environmental burden. The simplicity, compactness, and lightness of these technologies not only make the crosscage environment-friendly; they also helped enable sporty styling befitting the Suzuki name.
This motorcycle was developed in conjunction with British Intelligent Energy, which make this a great collaboration since British Intelligent has its own hydrogen generation plants. Energy has a portfolio that includes a range of world-class fuel cell, fuel processing, desulphurization and hydrogen generation technologies. The company�s existing home hydrogen generation system means you�ll be able to make your own hydrogen at home. So I guess this news means you will find this motorcycle in the nearest showroom somewhere near the future.
crosscage hybrid motorcycle from suzuki
suzuki crosscage hybrid motorcycle

suzuki crosscage hybrid motorcycle eco friendly
suzuki crosscage hybrid green motorcycle
crosscage motorcycle from suzuki with hybrid technology
suzuki crosscage hybrid motorcycle

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