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Citizen's Holding Government Accountable! Who is above the Law?

While we are focused on Holding Congress Accountable, one of their duties is to oversea the Executive Branch and maintain Law and Order among the Federal Government.
When that fails, the responsibility falls to citizens....

Megyn Kelly Goes Off On Code Pink Co-Founder Who Accosted Karl Rove


Yesterday we reported about some determined Code Pink protesters who heckled Karl Rove the Fox News analyst and former Bush adviser, calling him a liar, and a war criminal. Well today, the protester, and Code Pink co-founder Jodie Evans appeared on Fox News and felt the ire of host Megyn Kelly. The spirited video below:

  • Caryson Caryson says:
    What Megyn Kelly should have pointed out that Jodie Evans was a political contribution bundlers and this was nothing but a proxy protest for the Obama.
    Where was the rest of the Main Stream Media on this story?
    Oooops they were too busy talking about Tea Parties!

  • HanzoSword HanzoSword says:
    Karl is liar – whatever makes his life harder is wonderful.

  • felixw felixw says:
    Maybe the media could run a whole series of articles about one of the signs at the protest. And then they could offer up endless speculation on the violence, stupidity, etc. of the participants — the more vague, the better. Then — this is the essential part — they could omit any mention of what Code Pink was protesting. Then the Left could get a taste of its own bias.

  • Bias-Media Bias-Media says:
    MSM is part of the LEFT. They won’t do anything sheds negative light for Code Pink unless Code Pink actually stand for what they claim to be their purpose; which I understand to be anti-war.
    The only way MSM will do anything with Code Pink is if Code Pink goes after one of their own…say, for example, Obama’s Administration for staying in the Afgan War. Then the MSM will be very quick to do a Cindy Sheehan on Code Pink and reduce their purpose to nothing…
    Notice how Cindy Sheehan is virtually non-existent today after she went after Hillary?

  • Bill Adkins
    Bill Adkins says:
    Karl Rove was a significant player in the worst administration in history and responsible for his part in the biggest blunders, domestic and foreign, this nation’s leaders have every committed. I don’t consider Rove a war criminal, that would require some measure of intelligence. I think he and the Bush Administration demonstrated their incompetence for 8 years to any and all who have the ability to comprehend, i.e., the Crown Jewel of Blunders being the Blunder in Iraq. As for Megyn Kelly and Code Pink, who can put law enforcement back on the table?

  • Bill Adkins
    Bill Adkins says:
    But then, if kelly is so concerned about events not being interrupted, where was she when the Teabaggers were disrupting Town Halls. Mouth full? Being teabagged by Roger Ailes?

  • PureFreedom PureFreedom says:
    I love it when Megyn asked her if she has been arrested before…. then Megyn says looks like you will be again!
    Tea party protest are scary to the media and violent because they have signs… but if you are a liberal actually attacking someone with handcuffs that is okay to them.  War crimes require a tribunal.

  • blueblogger blueblogger says:
    OH how wonderful our LOONEY TOON lefties are!!!! And beautiful too!

  • Grammie Grammie says:
    Check out this timely video and short article from Powerline:
    Evan Coyne Maloney remembers
    True peace loving patriots should model themselves on this lesson in patriotic dissent and cover their faces in shame for doubting our Great Leader!

  • Bias-Media Bias-Media says:
    Bill Adkins,
    great points! MSM certainly covered the Tea Party Town Halls as disruptive, painting it negatively in every way possible…
    So, let’s just wait for MSM to also cover Code Pink’s disruptions…
    (I’m not holding my breath; I’m betting that I won’t see this news anywhere except on Fox)

  • timzank timzank says:
    HanzoSword says:
    March 31, 2010 at 4:24 pm
    Karl is liar – whatever makes his life harder is wonderful.
    Real class act aren’t ya?

  • timzank timzank says:
    Hey Adkins, do you remember why the town halls became disruptive? Because the politicians wouldn’t answer questions and the politicians wouldn’t let the people speak, they cut them off.
    When they (the politicians) found themselves being questioned by real people instead of the fellating MSM they suddenly realized they would have to give real answers. It all went downhill from there. It was hilarious watching the bosses (the citizens) berate the bejesus out of the employees (elected officials) for a change.
    If you recall, that’s when the mood of the electorate shifted and the support for The One & Congress began toppling rapidly because it became obvious the congress wasn’t on our side, they were out for themselves & protecting The One.
    Classic over-reach and backfire by the loons on the left.

  • TylerDurdin TylerDurdin says:
    Let’s look at liberal hate shall we. A trip down memory lane:

  • TylerDurdin TylerDurdin says:
    I love it: “I let him speak.”

  • TylerDurdin TylerDurdin says:
    Note to Code Pink: It was Armitage who outed Plame.
    Get a life!!
    Hey Mediaite, you got the headline wrong.
    It should be “Codepink goes off on Rove.”  Karl Rove had to lock-out ticket sales in Northern California to be private/secret invitations only.

  • Bill Adkins
    Bill Adkins says:
    Sure,Tyler — and OJ Simpson didn’t kill Nicole and Ron either.

  • shootfromthehip shootfromthehip says:
    “It’s not helpful if you talk over me” (says the woman who talks over her guest)
    Jodie Evans comes off well here. Megyn Kelly looks like a Nazi.

  • shootfromthehip shootfromthehip says:
    And let’s not forget about Timothy McVeigh, only known political affiliations were his voter registration with the Republican Party of New York when he lived in Buffalo, New York, and a membership in the National Rifle Association while in the military.

  • StewartIII StewartIII says:
    Since Code Pink is so concerned about CIA agents being outed, they should really be worried about this.
    Hot Air: CIA says attorney access at Gitmo has placed agent lives in danger

  • Florida Doctor Tells Obama Voters To Go Somewhere Else For Care

    A Florida urologist is making news today for posting a sign on his office door that states "If you voted for Obama, seek urological care elsewhere. Dr. Jack Cassell. Local radio host Bud Hedinger was on Fox News today to discuss this and claimed that "people were on fire about this story and almost unanimously backing the doctor's right to free speech."

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