Wednesday, March 17, 2010

New Hydrogen Fuel System Uses Solar Energy As Power Source

New Hydrogen Fuel System Uses Solar Energy As Power Source

by Nino Marchetti, March 17th, 2010
Solar power as a renewable energy source is no big news item, right? After all, there are a ton of projects and products which use the sun for energy. What though if solar energy could be used as the main power source for real-time hydrogen creation direct from water, resulting in hydrogen gas that integrates into a special system for production of electricity, heat, or both. Furthermore, only an estimated liter of water would be used to meet the electrical kilowatt requirements of the average residential household. Sound far fetched? We will find out, as eHydrogen Solutions has announced the H-Solaris Generator design.
The H-Solaris Generator design does something the company calls “On Demand Hydrogen Production (ODHP).” The company stated that advances and funding in photoelectrolysis and artificial photosynthesis technologies have brought these processes to the point for use in its projects that, “together with advanced electrolysis technologies,” they can be “integrated into a fuel cell, hydrogen powered generator and/or advanced battery storage, will enable sufficient hydrogen production to power a home; only using the sun and water.”
eHydrogen Solutions
image via eHydrogen Solutions
“This has important potential implications,” said eHydrogen Solutions in a statement, “since hydrogen can be produced on-site and does not need to be transported.” Of particular interest seems to be the concept of “Distributed Power Generation,” which is seen “particularly relating to residential use,” as “an emerging growth sector that promises to become a significant and vital energy option.”

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