Wednesday, March 17, 2010

How to build a Legislative Action Campaign

How to build a Legislative Action Campaign
  • Easier than building a farm on Farmville, and selling your extras to your
  • More gratifying than Mafia Wars
  1. Create a Group on Facebook and/or,
    with a name that illustrates your policy Goal.
  2. Invite your friends to become fans.

    1. The My-Rep Group allows you to link Real Legislation in Congress to
      your Campaign.

  3. Invite your friends to post a Letter to your Congress member at My-Rep
  4. Use your Facebook Group to gather more supporters to support your
    Legislative Initiative.

    1. Facebook offers (almost free) ads to increase your exposure

 Make your campaign part of the next election

Congressional Elections are every two years, plenty of opportunity for you to participate in Holding Congress Accountable
  1. Share the results of your campaign

    1. 600 Facebook fans support your campaign
    2. 1,200 Constituents have signed the My-Rep petition supporting your
      Legislative campaign.
    3. 45 Voters have posted Letters to the Congress member
  2.  All three methods of support can remain open and on-going.
  3. Share the results everywhere and invite others to join you.
  4. Send the results directly to your Member of Congress asking for their
    support: "Promise to Vote For/Against this Legislation"
  5. Invite your Congress Member to a local townhall,  where Friends can
    Thank the Representative in person.
  6. Invite your Congressional Challengers to a local townhall,  where
    Friends can Thank them in person.

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