Friday, February 12, 2010

Morning Joe: Sen. Boxer on tough re-election fight

Morning Joe: Sen. Boxer on tough re-election fight

Boxer says: "We have focus on jobs, that's why I asked the President about.... " {Great, you asked the President, what about your job?}
... I think if we do the right thing for the people" Boxer has helped to screw the people!

The fact is Sen. Boxer has failed to sponsor and champion any Legislation for Jobs or the Environment(her committee). Boxer supported the failed policies of the last decade, she is a Bushicrat.
We have to toss Boxer out to get someone better else!
No matter how bad the challenger is we have to vote for them, otherwise Boxer will maintain as many of the failed policies as she can from the last ten years.  For Example the Iraq War Contracts Gag-Rule and Cover-up.

The first question of congressional candidate is so cliche it is responsible for the horrible effects of entrenched incumbents.
Congressional challengers are asked, "What's your experience that makes you qualified for this job and earn my vote?"
Challenging Candidates need repeat a common answer until Voters and the media can expect it. "I am more qualified because I am not responsible for the Crap (Outrageous) Policies cramed downon AMericans over the last decade. Boxer profits form the war. Boxer Profits from the Bank bailouts. Boxer profits from Californian's loosing their homes. Boxer gave herself a raise.

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