Friday, February 12, 2010

We can recover the money that has been embezzled from the American Tax Payers

You can't get this news in the United States. You have to go to the BBC.

We can recover the money that has been embezzled from the American Tax Payers.
Step One: Elect New Representatives to Congress, that promise to sponsor Legislation to do Step two:
Step Two: Create Legislation requiring the Full disclosure of all Iraq War spending to the public, remove the Gag-Order.
Step Three: Allow the full prosecution of all persons and companies committing fraud and embezzlement in government contracts.

The most important thing for the American Voters to understand is that the Current Congressional Leaders are directly responsible for this.
Bush/ Cheney/ Rumsfeld are gone, you can blame them, but they are no longer in office preventing justice and holding the Gag-Order.
America needs Transparency to all Government contracts
The only way for Justice to prevail is to toss Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid out of office.
Rep. Henry Waxman despite what he says, FAILED to do anything to prevent fraud in Government Contracts.

Rep. Waxman in 2007 - All Showmanship on C-Span
What have you done for us lately?

Here is the C-Span video of Rep. Cummings asking Brennan about not hiring a real audit firm, instead just a friend of the Bush campaign to take 1.4 Million in cash and sign a contract to provide CPA/Auditors, of which they have none.

What does SIGIR have to say for themselves.  A whole lot of nothing!
Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction : January 2010 Report
The first metric should be $ recovered, Year-to-Date, by Year, Grand Total.
Next, Fraudulent Contractors or federal employees Convicted.
Finally, List of Gog-orders and other Government methods of cover-ups which continue to plague the first two metrics.

Once again, you can't get this news in the United States. see UK's Independent:
A 'fraud' bigger than Madoff - Americas, World - The Independent

Not One of Our 535 Representatives has sponsored Legislation to  end the Iraq War contract Gag-Order!

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