Thursday, December 11, 2014

I've being waiting for the freedom to purchase a Hydrogen electric car for 7 years!
I've been following Hydrogen Cars Now a blog that tells the story about the "Quiet Moratorium" blocking the sale of H2 Cars to the public, until 2015.
They say the Petroleum industry has tried to extend the moratorium another 10 years to 2025.
 I can't beleive 2015 is here, just next month, and it will be 'legal' for any of us to purchase an H2 Car. However, I do not see fueling stations as the biggest hurdle.{A myth propagated in the media by Petroleum lobbyist}
The biggest hurdle remains the dealerships! Just last night, my local Toyota dealer is 100% ignorant of H2 cars, no knowledge of the Toyota Mirai which the company has built.
My Local Hyundai dealer, I stopped in a few weeks ago - knows nothing of the H2 Sante Fe mini-SUV supposedly available next week. I've left my contact info and they never get back to me.
And Honda dealers know nothing about the Honda H2 Clarity which has been on lease in SoCal since 2008.
Success of H2 does not look possible with the massive lack of awareness among the manufacturers California Sales Teams.

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