Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Los Angeles to send another War-monger to Congress for the 36th District

Many Democrats who actually take a look at the work their representatives are doing on their behalf in Washington D.C. were appalled by Rep. Jane Harman.  As a result, 40% voted against her in 2010 preferring Marcy Winograd who proposed Peace as an alternative.
With this in-mind Candidate Janice Hahn was sure to include the word Peace in her 2011 special election campaign materials, leading with titles such as: "Green Jobs and Peace".
Unfortunately, too few Voters took the time to read the fine print on how Janice Hahn is actually a huge War monger herself and details her support of the 55 year flawed post WWII Subsidized Weapons programs that dominates US Foreign Policy.

When you look a little closer you can see:

Janice Hahn's goals for Peace 
  • "Foreign Aid to Israel
  • The stability of Israel is vital to the United States. To that end, I fully support the 2007 MOU between the U.S. and Israel—which calls for the U.S. to provide $30 billion in security assistance to Israel for ten years. This aid is critical for Israel in maintaining its military advantage, protecting her people, and prevailing over those that threaten her security.
  • I commit to maintaining the current level of aid, as well as supporting proposed increases, for the Israeli people."
Yup, Just like Military Aid to Saddam Hussein and Pakistan WAS a GOOD Idea. - NOT

Sorry Aerospace Industry in CA-36 America needs to find better exports to Israel than weapons.

On Foreign Policy
Janice Hahn states:
  • "Had I been in Congress, I would have voted in favor of the Iran Sanctions Enabling Act (H.R. 1327) and the Comprehensive Iran Sanctions Accountability Act. As a Congresswoman, I will work to make sure that the provisions of these laws are vigorously enforced."
This was the Neo-Con's efforts to open a new front of War in the Mid-East Region.  The campaign failed in 2008 with the collapse of the Wall Street ending the Financial Scheme perpetrated on the US housing market.   With the American Tax-payers funding two Wars & Occupation in Iraq & Afghanistan, the War profiteers were anxious to launch a third War in Iran.  Regardless, of the cost of the first two Wars to the American taxpayer, the Wars are extremely profitable for the Government Contractors.  Military Contractors campaign contributions to Congressional elections are simply a cost of doing business.  These Business Development fees are baked into the lucrative contracts to insure ongoing business opportunities.

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