Sunday, October 3, 2010

Voters must remove blindfold to Hold Congress Accountable

Voters must remove blindfold to Hold Congress Accountable

Voters to Hold Congress Accountable month.
Logo: A Ribbon Gray on top, with some Red White and Blue stars and strips at the bottom.
Symbolizes: the Gray wool that is pulled over the eyes of Voters. Year after year Voters fail to Hold their Own Congress members Accountable when they re-elect them to congress without reviewing their work.

Republicans keep Voting for the same Jokers and Thieves that:
Claim to be against Abortion For 40 years have done nothing to reduce 860,000 abortions per year, refuse to support adoption as a responsible, heroic decision and choice for teen mothers, done nothing to encourage parents to adopt locally. Refuse to let some parents adopt at all, erroneously deeming them unfit.

Claim to be fiscal conservatives Spend like mad to achieve profit for their cronies, whether they sell Mercenaries to the State department, Meals to military soldiers, bunker buster bombs, depleted uranium bullets, or Oil products to the dependent American Transportation system. The American voters addiction and dependence is held securely in place. Wall Street cronies inventing new schemes to coerce persuade convince induce Americans into bad loans, bad credit card scams, derivative products, junk bonds, real-estate investment trust frauds. Support Tax breaks for moving jobs overseas. Support Drug companies with fake products that extend enhance or mask the underlying source of injuries. Fund billion [tax-payer] dollar marketing programs that claims to protect citizens from annual viral blooms, with fear and life-threatening propaganda.
Claim to be for secure borders and legal immigration They actually hire illegal aliens themselves

Democrats keep Voting for the same Jokers and Thieves who:
Claim to be for Peace They vote for War, Military incursion, CIA covert instigations of suicide bombers, new weapons construction, recruitment and expansion of more citizens into jobs and the economies of the military industrial complex.
Claim to be for the people They Vote for the repeal of Glass-Steagle and other legislation that protects our markets and economy from crooks such as the Junk Bond schemes that took down the Savings and Loan industry. Refusal to Audit the Fed. H.R. 1207, support Tax Breaks for the Gamblers & Day-traders, rather than true investors waiting for a “Return on their Investment”
Claim to be for the Unions Only support old unions and corporate controlled Unions, fail to pass fair trade agreements, environmental trade agreements
Claim to be for the environment Prevent new Green Products from being sold to the public, keep markets closed, Support the existing businesses who pour the most money into their re-election campaigns to maintain the old polluting industries. Your can’t buy a solar oven at target! You can’t buy a Hydrogen Electric Car – ever.

Libertarians keep Voting for the same Jokers and Thieves who:
Claim to be isolationist: Isolationism is not the opposite of Imperialism, but in fact the compliment. When we separate ourselves from a group of people, fear and distrust can develop into animosity and hate. Trade, tourism, and student exchange is the opposite of Imperialism.

Congress restrict Food Markets to a few select cronies. Through subsidies and regulations congress members restricts access to market to mega-campaign contributors.

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