Thursday, October 7, 2010

Trying to Monitor Corruption in the American Election process - no Patriots here

It's good that honest Americans now feel that they have sufficient resources and access to information that they would propose monitoring some of the Corruption in the American Election process.

Recommended Fixes:
  • Corporate Political Contributions should NOT be tax deductible fro the business.
  • Shareholders should be required to approve the payments.
  • 10% of contributions should count as taxable Executive compensation, free speech should not include so much of OPM Others Peoples Money. This is great news! This Washington Post wrote a story about a new coalition that wants companies to pledge not to use corporate dollars on political campaigns!

Click "LIKE" if you want companies to pledge not to use corporate $$ on political campaigns!

The Coalition for Accountability in Political Spending hopes to secure promises from companies that they won't use corporate money on political campaigns - or at least fully disclose when they do.

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