Thursday, September 16, 2010

Progressive Leader does not have a clue, why he "Does not have a Clue"

Surprising growth of Tea-Parties is a myth

The Tea-Party Rally was sponsored to counter Move-on street-protest Visibility. Which backfired! Tea-Party success is due to Follow Through Efforts including elections!

including Noromon Solomon, & David Swanson you guys refuse connect the dots.

The Dem Voters do not "write-off" the Dem Party, but they are too shy to cannibalize Incumbents

"Where are those people?" Normon asks, they are running for office. public-infomation! and you can't look them up and support them.

We don't want Speaker Pelosi, she supports Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld policy's of Wars

Oh now you mention support candidates, as an after thought.

"Cut off our nose to spite our face, and get Boehnor or McConnell"... again you miss the point... cannibalize in the primary!!! Progressives must win in the Primary!!

"How to Organize = Public demonstrations" what a freaking nut case this guys is!!

I welcome your rebuttals.

Tea Party, Not Progressives Make a Statement

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