Thursday, June 3, 2010



I just had to Republish this Google ad as soon as I saw it!  This is a very important Race in the sleepy little Northern California suburban neighborhood, CA-11 just south of Diablo Valley.  In other words, my backyard.  Elizabeth Emken has rare experience that few Legislators in Washington D.C. exercise.  Elizabeth has actually Sponsored and Championed good Legislation.  The inability of Legislators to draft Good Legislation is not well known by the Voters, alas they continue to send the same jokers back 95% of the time.  On the other hand it is common knowledge that the institution is known as the"Do Nothing Congress"  The Gap in Voter awareness is that they never consider their own incumbent to be part of the problem, because they never take the time to review their work, until now. {McNerney Legislation Report} Can you imagine taking the same approach to other professionals you hire; your kitchen remodel contractor, your auto mechanic, your dentist.  People do not tolerate work that does not meet the services promised.

Elizabeth is facing a primary challenge against a genuine slime ball attorney.  This guy had volunteers {Little old GOP ladies, Sarah Palin fans} LIE to Republican Donors, claiming he was the only Republican candidate in the 2009 Special Election CA-10, when in fact their were 6 Republican candidates.  Not the Ethical standard you would hope for in a Congress Member.  Some people will do anything to win, but in his case it's more about doing anything to soak up all of the valuable GOP contributions.  D. Harmer is the kind of guy who "Knows the Rules" so he can Bend them or Break them without getting caught.

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