Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A look back at Predictions for Obama's Presidency

This blog note is a response to Dan Bently's predictions:  Very Cautiously Optimistic

Hey Dan,
17 Months Later. Time for an Update.
Be sure to include not just the promised change items but also the achieved change, the inevitable change, the unexpected change.
Discus areas such as: the aversion or postponement of the War with Iran, with N. Korea.
When you cite the continuation of terrorism don't for get the adoption by new groups such as the Chechen bombings  in Early 2010.  Perhaps, more importantly, you should expect terrorism to continue when the only prevention was an after the fact military bandaid/invasion.  No efforts made to redirect the petro-dollar profits away from madrases.
The inevitable, no more retaliatory treason such as the outing of Valerie Plame.  This is a more important change than most can realize, if such violent retribution and in-fighting were to continue at an institutional level it would tear the fabric of the nation apart.
Redirecting the flow of newly printed money from the War Profiteers to domestic give-aways, that's a big change.
Of course healthcare was a cluster, all big Legislation in congress is.  Pork and favor is the standard operating procedure for the institution called congress.  Only the line item veto can create the type of change to shift the paradigm.
Energy is the next big one.  Taking Government out of Energy would be the best change.  The subsidies in the form of tax-breaks for Solar restricts adoption to the rich.  Supply-side economic policy would remove the red-tape and barriers to entry.

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