Saturday, April 3, 2010

I beleive in Toyota

I believe in Toyota so much, that every year, I go to the University of California, Davis – Whole Earth Festival and stand toe-to-toe with the Oil Industry people who masquerade as spokespersons for the Toyota Hydrogen Fuel Cell Highlander, and I defend Toyota’s fantastic achievements. The Oil industry ‘guides’ spew many myths about the Toyota Hydrogen Fuel Cell Highlander to all of the event visitors such as; the technology will never work, freezes, no range, not practical, not green, more likely to be stolen, too expensive, requires infrastructure, not strategically supported by Toyota management. I dispel the myths and tell visitors the truth, that Toyota will be the premier leader in Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles and be the FIRST to SELL the vehicles to the public, surpassing the Honda Hydrogen Fuel Cell Clarity. Toyota will dominate the Hydrogen Fuel Cell market by a greater margin than they have dominated the Hybrid market.

I have gained superb value from Toyota's for many years!
1) As a child in 1967, my family bought a Toyota Crown Wagon, with an in-line 6 cylinder engine. The car was so superior to anything else on the market in terms of fuel efficiency, power and performance that the US auto makers had congress ban the importation of the motor.

2) Fall of 2007, my wife begged for me to buy her a Red 1972 VW Bug. I discouraged her, and said our 1999 Toyota Camry is a much better vehicle for the driving requirements for her work as a Kaiser Home Health Medical Social Worker. May 28, 2008 she was struck by an SUV going 50+miles per hour on the driver’s side door frame (photo’s available). The side airbag deployed and saved her life, she walked away from the horrible crash with minor injuries.

3) Summer 2008, we bought a 2004 Camry. On the maiden road trip, to California’s Gold Country, the car began having fuel difficulties. The Fuel injectors were fowled and a sparkplug was cracked. The Auburn Toyota folks researched the maintenance history and found the fuel injectors had failed before. They searched for a root cause to the problem and found the CPU had bad software drivers. Prognosis, the CPU must be replaced with all of the broken parts. $8,500 repair bill and all honored under warranty. Excellent Service!

4) My 16 yo daughter decided to buy the family car, our 1994 Toyota 4Runner, Summer of 2009, for $1000 less than blue-book. After $1,000 of new tires and $800 for a new power steering pump, she was disappointed when the head gaskets failed in 2010. Facing a $5,000 repair bill, my daughter is certain she wants to stick with this vehicle which she so much enjoys the body style and status.

5) Toyota performance for me, over 43 years is all about safety, comfort, style, fuel efficiency and reliability. Once Toyota evolves beyond the petroleum engine, transportation will enter a new phase of growth, innovation, technical expansion and automation.

The Facebook ad found me first.

Do you believe in Toyota?

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