Monday, March 8, 2010

A Greener New way to Generate Heat and Electricity

Bloom Box came out with a huge marketing splash on CBS's 60 minutes.
But they are not the only player developing Fuel Cell systems.  In fact, others player have already moved beyond R&D proto-types and are selling direct to customers.
ClearEdge Power is back by Applied Materials investment arm, the folks who make Intel's chip making equipment.
They are thinking creatively and proactively for ways to integrate this technology into many applications.  ClearEdge promotes base line and Load electricity generation as well as tapping the heat generation.

In fact, if you are thinking as we are: How creative can I get with this new System?
  1. Can I draw the H2 for a Hydrogen Clarity?
  2. Can I run Solar Panels into the PC Unit to turn the Meter backwards, allowing me to skip purchasing another inverter?
  3. Can I run exercise equipement DC into the PC Unit?
  4. How does the Heat get from the unit to the living space? Hydronic, Convection, Forced Air
  5. The target is Base and Load installation for Electricity or for Heat.  Can this system replace a Forced-Air unit?  {Can you target Forced-Air unit replacements?}
  6. What's the best way to manage air conditioning?
  7. How is the energy transfered to heating the pool, Is a Heat exchanger required?
Now we don't want to create more systems than we need, and we don't want to maintain more than we need.  But it sure seems that the ClearEdge System covers a lot of ground and can support many types of energy applicaitons.


Lower energy costs. Reduced CO2 emissions.

ClearEdge Power offers a solution for high utility bills. Begin saving money and energy with a single, compact home fuel cell system. You can depend on the ClearEdge5 for electricity, heat and clear environmental benefits. Cost efficient and reliable, our unit is eligible for utility rebates and government incentives. In addition, the unit is not affected by seasonality and provides power year round, making it a better, more reliable choice than other energy alternatives.

What this means to you

  • Reduce your utility bills by up to 50%
  • Cut CO2 emissions by over 1/3
  • More productive than solar by 11x

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