Friday, February 5, 2010

System Test

This blog post is simply to test the Amazon product features elements.

Amazing the full Series for 132 bucks.

I purchased a new DVD player after I purchased Season 1 of Stargate.  To this day it's the most we've every played on the DVD player.

Season 10 the only one we do not yet own.  It's been on my sons Christmas wish list for a few years.

We move to Skype in 2007 when Cingular merged with SBC/ PacBell and increased our rates $70.00 per month.

Linksys made the unit I bought now discontinued, Amazon now list the unit at 650 bucks

I love to be able to answer the Home phone from where ever I am, via the computer.

I am dying to try a Skype WiFi phone, now that you can get WiFi anywhere.
I'm just waiting for one that is second generation, with Gen one bugs worked out and new killer Gen two features.

frankly, I don't think Belkin or Netgear have achieved those levels yet.

I need to find out if the Android or iPhone can access WiFi - web and support Skype on board.
Of course others have asked before me!

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