Friday, February 12, 2010


Don't write to your Congress Member.  Don't write to your Representative. You will just be ignored!  Ok, sure they will send you some form letter, but that's it.  Your voice will be buried and no one else will ever hear of it again.

A far better idea is to Post an Open Letter to your Congress Member on a Blog.  Post to your own blog or another blog that relates to the topic you are writing about.
If you do that , then at least someone can read about your idea, your opinion, your voice and learn from you, perhaps take your idea forward and share with others.  Even if someone disputes you, at least you have been heard.

This is a far better solution than writing to your Representative or Congress Member!

Another idea is to Post your Open Letter to your Congress Member to a web site that consolidates your wish's along with others who feel the same as you do.
One great web site that does this is    At this site, the letters to Congress Members are grouped around specific Bills already in Congress, so every idea is immediately Actionable in congress to support your wishes.  The site consolidates everyone's wish's and you see a running total of support and opposition to every Bill.  More importantly, you see if the Congress Member fulfills the will of the people or is working for a secret special interest that you'd need a Freedom of Information Act request to find out who that is.

Wouldn't it be nice if every Member of Congress Sponsored and championed Legislation that was for the good of the constituents and for the good of the nation.  Here is a Report showing how the work Each Representative accomplishes for his district.  You would think Citizens would toss out the Representatives at the bottom of the list who do Nothing the whole time they are in Washington D.C.  Ok, well they do collect their paycheck, that's something.

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