Saturday, June 5, 2010

Scandanavian Tour

This trip was to be the Ultimate get-away, after 6 weeks of running for Congress in a Special Election, after our incumbent Representative was hounded by me and  hundreds of other citizens groups for being such a corporate MIC prat.  The need to get away was huge.  And the opportunity to fulfill my original wedding plan from 17 years earlier "Forget the high price Reception and wedding for family, Let's take all the money and take 2+ weeks in Europe for ourselves.  We stay in quaint little towns, and when we pass by a little stone church, stop in and ask the preacher to marry us.  Well renew our vows in this case.
We flew into Copenhagen Airport, not even sure how to get to down town.  The only reservations made were lodging, approximately 2 to 3 hours drive apart.  We planned to postpone renting a car until we left the big city.  We figured we could 'get by' in the city, walking or taking an occasional cab, maybe a tour. (As Rick Steves says, take the cheezy tour when you arrive; so you can get oriented to the town ,early on.)  The cabs out front of the airport looked efficient, but too I dunno what.  Jennifer said "Come on! Lets take the train, it's cheaper and we're in no hurry."  Yes that's the right spirit, I thought. This is vacation.  I don't have to be an efficient business traveler.  Besides my favorite part is chatting with some locals.

Back into the terminal to find the train ticket machine, over to the right in the photo above, with no one in front of it.  Well after I read every word on the train ticket machine, I turned to Jennifer and said, "Not one word in English!"  However, by the looks of the diagram we buy enough to go to a zone.  So the lady behind Jennifer says yes just buy two zones to get to Copenhagen Central.  I insist she goes first.  She buys her ticket and hands Jennifer an extra coin, "Their you are Dear"  Very nice of her.  We look at each other as say "British".  First friendly folks we meet.  It's busy at the airport, you need to be with a tour group to have others enjoying travel with you.
So, I buy myself a ticket and go to help Jennifer buy hers, but she is too busy checking out the coin.

  "Ooooh,  look at this, what kind of money is this."  "It's Danish dear."  "Now let's put it in the machine, so we can get our ticket and be on our way."  There's a bit of a line waiting behind us now as well, sweetie.

So off on the train ride. Fun ride. So we did not really know which way to go.  We did not have a map of the city, you rely on the rental car company to give you a general map.  The train station maps are all far too cartoony, not to scale and as we find out later are flattened out showing 3 directions W, S, E all in the same direction parallel to each other.  (Remember the return trip train to the airport)  

          CPH Airport     Cab to City   
Copenhagen 1st night     71 Nyhvn     Copenhagen     71 Nyhvn
Wedding, University, Peace group   
Copenhagen, 2nd night   
13 Gammel Kongevej   
Drive to Kivik   
Afternoon & Evening in Kivik   
Kivik     Glimminge 352,     SIMRISHAMN Sweden     Lena's Rum
Sat Day in Kivik Apple Market   
    Opens 10:00 AM
Drive to Mon   
Late Lunch in Koge   
Mon, 1st Night     Sønderbyvej 29     Borre           Susanne Nøhr
Chalk beach, buy Clay pottery   
Mon 2nd night                       Susanne Nøhr
Drive to Kiel     Kirschberg 17     Kiel   
Kiel Germany 1st night   
Explore Kiel, theater, bicycles   
Kiel Germany 2nd night   
Drive to South Fyn   
South Fyn, 1st night     Strandhuse 7     Vester Skerninge     Ole Thompson
Troense, Aero   
South Fyn, 2nd night                       Ole Thompson
Drive to Roskilde   
Roskilde, 1st night     Søfrydvej 8     4040 Jyllinge     Hotel Søfryd
Drive to Copenhagen   
13 Gammel Kongevej   
Copenhagen, Rest/fun before flight day   
Copenhagen - 1night     Toldbodgade 24-28     København   
    Admiral Hotel
CPH Airport   
Heathrow Airport   
London     23 - 25 Leinster Square.     London   
    Hyde Park
Heathrow Airport   
Logan Airport   
Boston     476 Columbus Avenue, Boston, MA 02116     Boston   
Logan Airport   

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