Friday, February 12, 2010

President Obama: You say you support human rights, yet our tax dollars Oppress Palestinians with over $4 Billion to Israel for weapons?

RealClearPolitics - Video - Woman Grills Obama On Israel/Palestine At Town Hall

President Obama: How can you say you support human rights throughout the world, yet our tax dollars support the oppression of Palestinians with over 4 Billion dollars per year to Israel for weapons?

Obama missed a key opportunity to truly answer the question with new insight applying old lessons of civic leaders he tells us he admires.

He should say directly, "condemn Israel & Egypt's human right violations would not be accurate, and therefore not fair.
Israel is our strongest ally in the mid-east (interrupted by applauds) and for those of you cheering please stand up.
Now please sit down... if you don't want your tax dollars to oppress the Palestinians. (All should sit down.) You see American's do not want their tax dollars spent on oppression.

Yet, the oppression still occurs.

We have done much to support the defense of Israel for 50 years.
But, we have done little to support Peace on the ground with Economic development and social justice for the people of Palestine.

So we want to continue to support the defense of Israel, and we need to begin to support the Peace on the ground.
We need to move beyond that "70's show" Democrats love to point their finger at and pretend they themselves have done something that deserves your vote! (Camp David accord)

We must do more than export Democracy. We must export the conflict resolution tools used here in America by historical civic leaders to promote Justice and stand strong against Tyranny.

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