Thursday, February 18, 2010

How can Grassroots citizens stand-up to the Power of Lobbyist?

How can Grassroots citizens stand-up to the Power of Lobbyist?

The answer is: "One Congress Member at a time".

When you read an article about the amazing power and success of Lobbyist, you just feel over-whelmed. The following article from the Sunlight Foundation is just one such article.
Post-Citizens United, Lobbying Firm Helps Explain How To Avoid Disclosure Rules — Making Government Transparent and Accountable - SF

As the article states "80% of Americans are opposed to the Citizen United ruling" which allows corporations to donate unlimited amounts to both Senate and House Elections beginning in 2010.
However, you will find that very few congress members will sponsor/co-sponsor and champion Legislation to over turn the Citizens United(Congressional Representation Fire-Sale to Corporations) ruling by the Supreme Court. Of course they want to receive those corporate campaign contributions too.

The Cycle of Deception
Even though the majority of Congress Members will torpedo the Legislation, they will still be re-elected by their constituents. Yes, That's "We the People" at work.

So What's the antidote:
Publishing the Legislative Report Card at Election time!! And it only takes a few citizens, and maybe a challenging candidate to raise the 'Lack of Representation' as the key election issue.

Here is a link to a Member of Congress run out of office by her very poor Legislative work in Congress. On the street she was very popular, well loved by the average voter from her party. But if any of them ever took a look at the work she was doing in congress, their were outraged.

The important step is to get your Favorite Legislation added to your Incumbents Report Card.
All you need to do is get a handful of citizens in your district to support/oppose a Bill so that the Legislation shows up on your Incumbents Report Card.
That's all there is to it.

You can make an impact in the next Election 2010!  Start today!

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